Hollyoaks star Lucy-Jo Hudson talks emotional Donna-Marie and Juliet scenes

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks star Lucy-Jo Hudson has revealed that there will be some emotional scenes between Donna-Marie Quinn and Juliet Nightingale.

In scenes that air next week, Donna-Marie will struggle to support her daughter, who is currently struggling to come to terms with her illness.

After Peri and Juliet get into an argument, the latter begins to cut off her hair, and Hudson has discussed how Donna-Marie will fare in the emotional arc.

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“[Donna-Marie] is putting on a brave face, but deep down she’s really frightened,” she told Inside Soap. “She doesn’t know if the treatment is going to work, or if Juliet will be able to fight this. Her biggest fear is that she’s going to lose her daughter.

“It’s all going to get very heavy, and we’ll see Donna-Marie struggling to cope,” she said of the scenes next week. “There will be lots of fights and lots of tears – but as an actress, that’s brilliant. Every day I’m doing something that challenges me and pushes me out of my comfort zone.”

Speaking about the scene in which Juliet chops off her locks, Hudson reveals that Donna-Marie is initially stunned by the change.

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“[She] is in total shock; she’s just not ready for it,” she said. “She’s absolutely heartbroken – she starts sobbing, though she tries to pretend they’re happy tears. She tells Juliet that she looks amazing, but this is when it really hits her that her daughter is possibly going to die from this illness.”

It’s not the last of the drama in the week, with Juliet being arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct after hitting Zoe. Donna-Marie isn’t majorly concerned with her behaviour, with Hudson reasoning that their similarities means Donna-Marie is more understanding.

“Juliet wants to live her life, and if that means getting drunk then that’s what she’s going to do,” she said. “Juliet’s very much like Donna-Marie, they’re both headstrong – and neither likes to be told what to do.”

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