Hollyoaks' Ste Hay kidnapped by evil Norma

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Ste Hay has been kidnapped by Norma Crow in a shocking Hollyoaks cliffhanger.

This week, Norma has been putting a nefarious plan in place to kidnap the twins and flee with son Warren Fox to Honduras rather than have him lose custody.

Thursday's (March 16) first-look episode saw Warren and Sienna unwittingly fall right into her trap by allowing the twins' dad to take them to the Safari Park.

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Sienna's best mate Ste Hay has suspected Norma is up to no good recently, and he was proved correct when he stole her handbag. Ste set up a fake phone call at The Dog to distract Norma, though she quickly realised something was amiss.

Meanwhile, Ste made a shocking discovery when he found a stack of Honduran lempiras and a book about teaching Spanish to children.

Ste tried to phone Sienna to warn her, but couldn't get through. He noticed shadows in the windows of the garage and crept in to find Norma speaking secretively in Spanish on the phone.

She then taunted Ste: "Detective Inspector Hay, I've been expecting you!"

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Ste revealed he knew all about her plan to kidnap the twins, then pointed out that he looked at a map to find out Honduras was on "the other side of the world".

"Honduras is my future and the children are going to adore it," she insisted.

After announcing she was leaving with the children and "never coming back", one of Norma's goons attacked Ste. Ste was thrown into the boot of a car and left for dead.

"Hasta la vista, Stephen," Norma quipped.

Viewers know that Norma will be involved in a serious car crash before leaving the village, but can anyone save Ste?

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