Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring ‘Devastated’ After Discovering Rick Shore Cheated On Her

After posting a video of herself kicking apology flowers from boyfriend Rick Shore, the reason behind Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring’s anger has been revealed.

It’s reported that poor Steph has been left ‘devastated’ after discovering Rick cheated on her during their one-month romance.


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Not really something flowers can fix, eh?

Spilling the beans to MailOnline, a source revealed: “She’s absolutely devastated, she really trusted him. It takes a lot for her to trust somebody and she feels really let down by him.

“Steph needs someone with a career, not someone who lives at home with his parents.”


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The insider went on to add: “It just wasn’t going to work, despite the honeymoon period and a good start in the end they just couldn’t keep it together.”

Aohh. Sad times.

Earlier this week, the 36-year-old showed her ex what she REALLY thought about his attempt at an apology, tweeting and deleting a video showing her kicking his bouquet of flowers down the garden.

Yep, that makes her feelings *pretty* clear.


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The actress made it quite clear that Rick’s gesture wasn’t enough to make up for whatever he had said and done (clearly, whatever it was, it was much worse than leaving the loo seat up).

In the video, Stephanie looks at the camera and says: “You know what? I really, really love getting flowers – they’re so beautiful.” Before booting the bouquet across the lawn.

She later tweeted: “When one chapter closes in your life another one opens… embrace it!”


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A source also told The Sun: “Everything looked like it was going really well for Steph and Rick and they were really enjoying each other’s company, but they had a monumental row in the last couple of days.

“That was why she posted that video on Twitter. She had a change of heart and took it down but after more arguing they have split up. It’s unclear what they fell out about but it was obviously very serious.

“At this stage it looks like there’s no way back for them. Steph’s a determined woman and she has made her mind up.”