Hollyoaks teases Rayne Royce's dark secret after Romeo split

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has teased Rayne Royce's dark secret after splitting from Romeo.

Monday's (March 6) E4 first-look episode saw the would-be couple's whirlwind romance seemingly come to an end as Rayne once again alluded to keeping something from her past hidden.

The pair split apart after Romeo accused Rayne of sleeping with Prince. As it turned out, Romeo had got the wrong end of the stick… and had got pubic lice from inadvertently sharing a towel with Prince.

A chance encounter with a lovelorn Tony Hutchinson finally convinced Romeo that he should make up with Rayne.

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Romeo tried to make things right with Rayne, though she was understandably upset at the accusation. On her vlog, she insisted anyone who made accusations was "sex-negative" and not worth being with.

Prince intervened to defend Romeo, assuring her that his best mate was just a "pretty idiot" that got the wrong end of the stick. The two made up over a romantic dinner, where Rayne dropped the bombshell that she knew he lost ex-girlfriend Lily a few years ago.

"It must have been so painful," she empathetically told him.

The two shared a romantic kiss, before Rayne admitted she couldn't properly get back with Romeo because it would let down her social media followers.

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"They saw you diss me. I told them I dumped you. I can't undo that now," she insisted.

Romeo was stunned: "You're giving me up for your image?!"

Later, Rayne hinted to Lacey that there may be other reasons why she couldn't see a future with Romeo.

"Maybe you had a lucky escape, after what happened last time," Lacey told her.

Rayne seemingly agreed: "That secret may be buried, but it still haunts me every single day."

What is Rayne hiding?

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