Hollyoaks' Warren Fox to be left furious over Ella DNA test results

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Warren Fox will be furious over the latest development in Ella Richardson's paternity search in Hollyoaks.

The local gangster has been steadfastly against helping Ella find out her father's identity, since he might actually turn out to be her dad. Thus far, Warren has refused to take a DNA test to solve the matter.

His mother Norma has become involved recently and has been secretly trying to get close to Ella in case it's true that she's the girl's grandmother.

In upcoming scenes, Norma helps Ella get the DNA test she's been longing for and assures her that even if the results are negative, she hopes they can remain close.

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Ella does soon get the results, but leaves the unopened envelope with Norma because she's running late for school. Later, Cindy and Dave agree to take Ella over to Norma's for lunch.

Cindy is alarmed to find out Ella has recently taken a DNA test and urges her niece not to open the results.

The situation turns from bad to worse when Warren turns up at the garage with Mercedes — whom he's set to have an affair with — and is irate to see Norma has gone behind his back with Ella.

Ella runs off upset, leaving Cindy and Norma to go after her. Later, Mason tries to help raise Ella's spirits while accompanying her back to the garage.

Earlier this month, Erin Palmer spoke about how her character Ella is feeling as she waits for the results of her DNA test.

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"I think that Ella is so convinced because she has used the process of elimination and has decided that it could only be him," she told Digital Spy.

"Once Ella has set her mind on something, it is very hard to change her mind – she's very determined. At the end of the day, she just wants a family.

"I think it would be crushing for Ella if it doesn't turn out to be Warren, because I think she would just feel like no one wants her."

These scenes will air next week.

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