Hollyoaks' Warren Fox makes sad Ella confession

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks' Warren Fox made a sad confession in Wednesday's (September 6) episode.

Teenager Ella Richardson recently learned from a DNA test that the village's resident bad boy is indeed her biological dad, but despite Mercedes McQueen and Norma Crow's insistence, he doesn't want to be a parent to her.

"What does she need me for? I don't know the first thing about teenage girls," he protested. Citing the fact Ella killed Jordan Price (which was in self-defence), he added: "You want me to make mistakes on an already messed-up kid?"

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Walking through the village, Warren came across Ella and Mason Chen-Williams play-fighting, and in a fit of rage he started to attack the young lad. Ella tried to explain they were just messing around, but Warren said it didn't look like that from he was, and that's when she really lost her rag with him.

"Being your daughter sounds like the most excruciating experience of anyone's life," she said, before calling him "A Neanderthal who wants locking up." She added that she pitied Warren's other kids and told him to get lost.

In the garage, after further pestering from Mercedes, Warren admitted what was really up.

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"I will ruin that girl's life," he tearfully said as emotional music played in the background. "You say that I'm cold, you say that I'm cruel, but you're missing the point. Pushing Ella away is my way of telling her, my daughter, that I love her.

"She's perfect and that is exactly how I want her to stay."

Later on, Warren apologised to Mercedes for how he's been treating her lately, while she admitted that her estranged partner Felix Westwood is "dead" to her, as viewers saw his bloodied body being dropped off outside the hospital.

Meanwhile, Brooke Hathaway confided in Charlie Dean that, after figuring things out, he is a trans man and is going by the name Phoenix from here on out.

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