Hollyoaks' Warren Fox has new worries over son

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Warren Fox has new worries about son Sebastian Blake in Hollyoaks.

The bad boy has been trying to bond with his and Sienna Blake's twins by coaching Sebastian in boxing, much to Sienna's annoyance after the boy punched Ethan in "his particulars".

In Tuesday's (March 7) first-look episode, Warren tried to make things right between himself and Sienna by explaining to Sebastian that he should only ever use his boxing for self-defence.

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However, Warren was later horrified to learn that Sebastian had been aggressive towards Tony and Diane's daughter Dee-Dee in the playground by pushing her off the swing.

This incident ignited a feud between Warren and Tony, the latter of whom has been struggling with his mental health following half-brother Eric's attempted attack on the community.

An irate Tony confronted Warren in the village, asking: "Where's your thug of a son?... I suppose it's only to be expected. Like father, like son."

Warren held back as Tony got in his face, shoving him and challenging him to show everyone "where Sebastian gets it from". Darren stepped in to pull Tony away, but not before Warren issued Tony with a warning.

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"I'm going to let this slide, Tony, because obviously you're worried about your kid," Warren told him. "But if you ever come at me like that again, well, next time, I won't be so generous."

Later, Warren admitted to mum Norma that he was worried that his son was going to grow up to be as troubled as he's been all his life.

"Maybe [Sienna] was right all along. Maybe it's like father, like son," he wondered. "Seb has seen me lose it more than once."

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He then reminded Norma she'd given him up as a child because she didn't want him "infected" by her criminal world, yet he felt "the violence" was hardwired into him.

Norma insisted: "It's natural to worry, but trust me, this was just a child lashing out."

Neither knew Tony was placing a call to social services to file a complaint over Seb's "vicious attack"...

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