What the Hollywood Brown trade means for both Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson

Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson and Eric Edholm discuss the draft night trade between the Ravens and Cardinals, including how this impacts both starting quarterbacks and their respective teams.

Video transcript


ERIC EDHOLM: The different ways that the Ravens and Cardinals who, of course, were tied in this trade, are dealing with their young quarterbacks, right? You deal Hollywood to Arizona. Kyler gets this guy.


ERIC EDHOLM: Whereas Lamar seems like he's caught-- like, what just happened, right?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, clearly.

ERIC EDHOLM: It's fascinating, because we've heard all this animosity with Kyler in the social media [BLEEPS] and everything, and deleting pictures and erasing this and that, whatever. And I go on radio shows, you do too, I'm sure, where that's the question you get asked about, or at least at one point we were.

We haven't talked a whole lot about Lamar's situation. I mean, Charles, that's coming to a head or something or where are we with that, because I love what the Ravens did with the picks, Linderbaum and Hamilton. Great value, best players at their respective positions. But Lamar clearly, sees things a little differently right now.

CHARLES ROBINSON: It's interesting because I think, part of the reason we're not hearing more about precisely what's going on is because Lamar doesn't have an agent. A lot of the time, the agents clue you in on, here's why this isn't done right now. And then I think another part of it is that, it's clearly out there, the Ravens have been put out there, like, hey, when Lamar wants to do it, we will be happy to do it.

And so I think people are like, OK, well, if Lamar is not pushing it, and clearly he must have some kind of a grand plan here-- Yeah, I think, it's a little bit surprising to me when he tweeted the WTF. And he's retweeting other things that clearly suggest he's not happy with this, not a great situation.

When you're sitting there, and you're Baltimore, if you truly do indeed want to do this mega contract, you're now dealing away a player, whatever the circumstances are. Now we'll find out Hollywood Brown-- remember, when Davante Adams got traded, I was like, Oh, my God. But then later, Davante is like, no, I want it. I wanted to be traded. I was the one who wanted to be dealt.

So let's see how this ultimately plays out, like, who is asking, who is pushing. I think there's going to be an element of Hollywood Brown, the money Hollywood Brown probably ultimately wanting long-term, knowing probably not going to end up getting this in Baltimore and maybe feeling that way. And maybe that was part of how this came down the way that it did.

It's just like the Titans and AJ Brown. AJ signed a four-year deal for $100 million. That's 25 APY. I think the Titans were thinking like 20.


CHARLES ROBINSON: OK. That's 20% more than-- I mean, that's a pretty considerable amount, OK? That's $20 million you're talking about. It's not a small deal over four years.

So I think some of that plays into it. But you're right. I mean, the Lamar Jackson situation, I don't know what to say other than, it was weird how quiet the networks handled that after it happened. Lamar clearly made it known, like, hey, what happened? What's going on here?

I would have thought the networks would have been like, that's a little bit of a storyline going on during the draft.

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