Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise waves at fan from helicopter whilst filming Mission Impossible 7

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A train carriage plunged into a quarry for a scene in the latest Mission: Impossible film - watched by Tom Cruise from a helicopter.

An awestruck fan watched as the star waved at him from a helicopter while on set at Darlton Quarry in Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire.

Peter Dalton, 42, said: "I had been up there since lunchtime after hearing helicopters nearby.

"I arrived on the fields opposite on the cliff edge to see the carriage winched up by the cranes. They then attached the carriage to the actual track. 

"Tom wasn't there then but we knew he would be coming as we could see his helicopter flying in on flight tracker from the lakes.

"We then heard his helicopter and it was really loud. He was about 50 feet away from us when we saw him looking at us and he waved! 

"Then he decided to turn his helicopter around and face us directly. He flashed his lights and waved again - what a decent down to earth man to do that.

"He hovered briefly and then swung his helicopter around and proceeded to land on the fields opposite where a buggy took him off.

"We saw him stood with the camera crew on the side assessing the scene with Christopher McQuarrie and then the film helicopter took off.

"After the carriage was released from its clamp on the track and it came crashing down, Tom filmed a few scenes in the quarry basin!

"It was amazing to watch as I've been following this from the start. The fly by and wave was the icing on the cake and made it worth all the waiting around! I'm looking forward to seeing the film and seeing all this pieced together!"

Filming has officially resumed on the seventh instalment of Cruise's blockbuster film series after it was halted by a number of positive Covid tests on set.

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