Holy cow! "Batman" pulled over by cops ... because "Batmobile" has wrong number plates

Gaby Leslie

Even when you’re a superhero like Batman and on a mission to visit sick children in hospital, there’s no escaping the law.

That was the position Caped Crusader impersonator Lenny B Robinson found himself in when he was pulled over by police for not having the proper number plate on his "Batmobile" - a black Lamborghini Gallado.

Charity worker Mr Robinson, who is said to have been on his way to entertain children in a nearby hospital, was quizzed after officers spotted the batwing emblem on the rear number plate instead of normal ones.

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Montgomery County Police confirmed the Maryland incident saying: “Yes, Batman was stopped by officers on Wednesday, 21 March, on southbound Route 29 at Prelude Drive, Silver Spring, for no tags on Batmobile."

The Dark Knight was let off with just a warning, but not before the curious incident was snapped by officers

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long after the images were posted on Montgomery County Police Department’s Facebook page that they were being passed around on social networking sites.