Holy (tiny) cow! Meet 51cm Rani, the 'world’s smallest' bovine, in Bangladesh

Thousands of people have visited a farm in Bangladesh to get a glimpse of Rani, a 51cm (20 inch)-tall dwarf cow claimed to be the world's smallest. Rani is 66cm (26 inches) long and weighs only 25kg (57 pounds), which its owners claim is 10cm (4 inches) shorter than the smallest cow in the Guinness World Records books. Rani eats a small amount of bran and straw twice a day. It is claimed that over 15,000 people have visited the animal's farm, to admire its tiny size. M.A. Hasan Howlader, manager of Shikor Agro farm, used a tape measure to show dozens of onlookers how Rani dwarfs her closest rival Manikyam, a cow in the Indian state of Kerala that currently holds the world record. "People come long distances despite the coronavirus lockdown. Most want to take selfies with Rani," Howlader said.

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