Home and Away spoilers: Will Tane SNATCH baby Maia?

 Home and Away spoilers, Tane Parata.
Home and Away spoilers, Tane Parata.

Tane Parata (played by Ethan Browne) is not happy about the news that a temporary foster family has been found for abandoned baby, Maia on Home and Away (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

Gym boss Tane feels a sense of responsibility for the child, who he previously found abandoned on the beach.

Senior Sergeant Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) updates Tane that the paperwork has been finalised.

Maia's emergency foster carer will pick-up the baby from Northern District Hospital in the morning.

In the meantime, Rose will hold a media conference to once again appeal for Maia's mum to come forward...

Meanwhile, hospital nurse Dana Matheson (Ally Harris) feels bad for Tane.

Despite the fact that Tane has previously been banned from visiting Maia at the hospital, Dana sneaks him in so he can say a proper goodbye to Maia.

Unfortunately for Dana, when she heads back to the ward she is shocked to discover that both Tane and baby Maia have disappeared!

Has Tane done a runner with Maia?

Justin Morgan (James Stewart) is reeling after finding out what Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) and his girlfriend, Valerie Beaumont (Courtney Clarke), have been up to.

Justin is shocked that Theo would even resort to stealing money from his own family to buy more party pills for him and Valerie.

Justin is determined to hear the truth from Theo and Valerie themselves.

But when the couple are nowhere to be found, Justin decides to search through Theo's belongings at the Morgan house...

WHAT will he find?

Home and Away spoilers, Theo Poulos, Justin Morgan
Home and Away spoilers, Theo Poulos, Justin Morgan

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