Home and Away's Justin Morgan struggles over Andrew Lawrence exit

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away's Justin Morgan will struggle to accept Andrew Lawrence's decision to leave Summer Bay in next week's UK episodes.

Andrew's exit, which has already aired in Australia, comes following the arrival of his sister Tegan Osbourne. Tegan eventually invites him to live with her, and while Justin is keen for Andrew to stay with him and Leah, he eventually gives Andrew his blessing.

In upcoming scenes, Andrew and Tegan are getting along like ka house on fire, and she brings up the possibility of taking him away from Summer Bay.

However, Justin is concerned that Tegan won't be able to cope with Andrew's needs.

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When Tegan raises the idea of Andrew moving in with her to Justin and Leah, she is met with resistance.

The tension between everyone is palpable, but an agreement is struck: Andrew will have a say in his own future.

Justin speaks to Andrew separately, suggesting that instead of leaving Summer Bay to live with Tegan, he should stay with Justin and Leah. Andrew is understandably divided over the whole thing.

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Andrew later apologises to Tegan, as he has decided to remain in Summer Bay. While Justin couldn't be happier, Tegan is distraught.

But not long afterwards, Theo discovers Andrew's true feelings. Despite saying he would stay, Andrew admits that he actually wants to leave with his sister.

Andrew is then encouraged by Theo to reveal the truth, but Andrew can't help but worry over upsetting Justin.

Taking matters into his own hands, Theo reveals Andrew's feelings to Leah and Justin. This comes as a major shock for Justin especially, but he eventually agrees to let Andrew leave with Tegan.

Justin and Andrew share an emotional goodbye, as Andrew leaves Summer Bay.

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