Home and Away's Nikau Parata makes surprising decision over Bella Nixon

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Home and Away spoilers follow for Australian and UK audiences.

Home and Away is set to deliver a surprise twist in upcoming episodes, as Nikau Parata makes an unexpected decision about his relationship with Bella Nixon.

In scenes set to air later this week in Australia and in a few weeks' time in the UK, Nikau and Bella's future is thrown into doubt, as the fallout from Nikau's affair with his modelling agent Sienna Blake continues.

Nikau cheated on Bella after wrongly believing that she had betrayed him with her photography mentor Emmett Ellison, but later came clean after realising that he'd made a mistake.

Photo credit: Endemol Shine - Channel 5
Photo credit: Endemol Shine - Channel 5

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Now, it appears the ball is in Nikau's court as Bella decides that she's willing to give her relationship with Nikau one more shot (via TV Week).

Bella gives her ex a final ultimatum, telling Nikau that it's now or never, and that if things don't change, they'll have to walk away from each other forever.

To Bella's surprise, a stubborn Nikau resists Bella's ultimatum and leaves. Bella is crushed once again, but are things really over between the on-off couple?

Photo credit: Endemol Shine - Channel 5
Photo credit: Endemol Shine - Channel 5

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Opening up about the emotional cheating storyline, Courtney Miller – who plays Bella – told Digital Spy that she knew the heart-breaking scenes would resonate with Home and Away fans.

"I knew this storyline would be a heartbreaker for those at home watching," she said last month.

"Bella and Nikau share such a beautiful and realistic love. I was excited to bring truth to the heartbreak Bella would feel, a feeling that everyone watching would resonate with. If Bella found out about Nikau cheating, she would be absolutely heartbroken. Nikau is the earth under her feet."

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Mondays to Thursdays at 7pm on Channel 7 (Australia). Selected classic episodes are available via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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