Home Bargains slashes £20 spray that makes hair 'so shiny' to just £4

Glossie's Almond Infused Hair Mask
-Credit: (Image: Reach Plc)

Home Bargains is stocking shelves with a deep conditioning hair spray that customers claim is 'just as good' as Color Wow.

The budget-friendly store has recently stocked Glossie's Almond Infused Hair Mask sprays across its UK branches. Usually retailing for £20, Home Bargains shoppers can grab one for just £3.99 in-store and online. The hair mask spray pledges to deliver 'nourishment and shine', boasting a formula with 'deep conditioning technology'.

An online description of the product states: "Glossie Specialises in professional beauty technologies that help you shine. The Glossie product line, meticulously curated and developed by our skilled team, is an extension of the salon experience."

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"These products, born from the needs and aspirations of Glossie clients. bring a touch of the salon's magic into daily beauty routines", reports Bristol Live.

Customers have likened the £3.99 hair mask spray to Color Wow's Dream Coat Supernatural Spray. One shopper on Facebook dubbed the Home Bargains spray as a "Color wow copy for shiny hair."

According to Color Wow, its Dream Coat Supernatural Spray lasts up to 72 hours - or two to three washes. "The spray promotes long-lasting sleek and glass-like hair," the brand notes.

Both products contain water (aqua), glycerin, phenoxyethanol and essential chamomile oil. Home Bargains is also selling Glossie Plex shampoo and conditioner, each priced at £2.99.

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