Home cook dubbed 'monster' for creating spag bol British 'fusion' dish

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/Westend61)

A home cook has sparked an online debate with their unconventional fusion dish that's been branded an "abomination" by some food enthusiasts.

Spaghetti bolognese, affectionately known as "spag bol", is a beloved staple in British kitchens, having travelled from its Italian roots to become one of the UK's top homemade meals. A 2022 study by vegetable brand Tenderstem placed it among the nation's favourites, alongside classics like the Sunday roast, Shepherd's pie, and stir fry.

The dish is nearly universally cherished, and tinkering with such a classic is risky business. Yet, an adventurous home chef identified only as "Lee" decided to take that risk.

Lee shared their culinary creation on the RateMyPlate Facebook page, where they presented a mash-up of spag bol with another British classic - mushy peas. The post was simply captioned: "Spag Bol and Mushy Pees by Lee."

However, this unusual pairing did not sit well with many Facebook users. One commented in dismay: "What monster has mushy peas with spag bol." Echoing the sentiment, another user expressed disbelief: "Never thought I would ever read that sentence in my life."

Another said: "I love both of these. But together is an abomination." Yet, there were a few who saw potential in the combination. One optimist described it as "Fusion cookery at its finest." Another was perplexed but intrigued, writing: "The spag bol looks decent and I like mushy peas in the right context but I don't understand why you would ever combine the two?"

Meanwhile, others offered tips on how Lee might enhance his unconventional dish. One suggested: "Maybe try putting it all in a large Yorkshire Pudding next time you drop this culinary delight," while another recommended: "You definitely need to add HP sausage and jellied eels to make it truly authentic."

One commenter quipped: "Goes together like cornflakes with mashed potatoes," and another foodie remarked: "I like spag bol. I like mushy peas. But not together, peas and thank you!"

Traditionally, mushy peas are paired with fish and chips, which YouGov ranks as the nation's third favourite takeaway. Chinese cuisine leads the pack, with a whopping 25% of Brits naming it their top pick.