Work From Home Life: Playful Kitten Chases Cursor Across Computer Screen

A 10-week-old rescued kitten created a work-from-home distraction by chasing the mouse cursor across its owner’s computer screen in Melbourne, Victoria, on 23 March.

Daniel Price, a Monash University associate professor in astrophysics, recorded this video showing his cat, Sushi, trying to catch the moving cursor.

“The video was taken just as I was preparing for the second of my online lessons for my master’s course,” Price told Storyful. “We have been scrambling to take everything online this week following a series of shock announcements of progressive coronavirus shutdowns.”

Price brought the kitten home from a cat rescue in nearby Somerville in hope to keep his four children’s spirits up after their activities had been cancelled, he said.

“Sushi arrived just in time to make us all feel better in very difficult times,” Price added.

Victoria had 296 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the morning of March 22. The Australian state introduced a lockdown of all non-essential businesses and brought forward school holidays to begin on Tuesday, March 24. Credit: Daniel Price via Storyful