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Homecoming star Janelle Monáe has broken down her "complicated" character.

The Moonlight actress replaces Julia Roberts as the protagonist of the Amazon Prime show's second season.

And, speaking recently to Digital Spy and other media, Janelle broke down her "complicated" Homecoming character Jacky; explaining how her decisions went against Janelle's own instincts and that she "created a backstory" for the character in order to understand her better.

"Jacky is complicated," Janelle said.

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"There are certain decisions that I don’t think I would make as a human that she’s making. And that was what was intriguing also. I get a chance to go outside of myself and understand her story.

She added: "I created a backstory for her, so her upbringing, her childhood, all of that informed her decision making.

"I’m never going to give away the backstory that I create for my characters, but let’s just say perhaps this was a woman who was never accepted by her father. And if she made one mistake, like her father wanted her to be perfect, if she got less than an A, she always had to maintain this idea of perfection.

"What does that drive you to do in moments? You start lying, being manipulative, you do anything to protect your relationship and protect yourself if you felt like you were going to be abandoned."

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Homecoming season 2 follows the story of military recruit Jacqueline 'Jacky' Calico (Monáe), who mysteriously wakes up in a boat which is adrift on a lake apparently suffering from an amnesia.

As she tries to retrace her steps, Jacky tries to figure out how she ended up in her situation and who is possibly watching her.

If you're mind-boggled about that ending, here's a quick explainer.

Homecoming seasons 1 and 2 are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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