Homeless man breaks down in tears after man donates his trainers

Independent Reporter
'We got emotional and parted ways', Craig Wells said of the encounter: Craig Wells/Facebook

This is the moment a man donated the trainers he was wearing to a barefoot homeless man, reducing him to tears.

In a Facebook post, Craig Wells said he was eating in a restaurant in Nottingham with his family when he spotted the man walking past the window with no shoes on.

He reportedly asked the man what size he was, and upon learning they shared the same size feet, size 9, Mr Wells took off his “favourite trainers”, and gave them to him.

“He then started to cry and gave me the biggest hug saying how nobody has ever been so kind. He then went around the corner out of sight and put the trainers on and re-emerged still crying,” Mr Wells wrote.

Mr Wells then apparently posed for a photograph with the man.

“We got emotional and parted ways,” Mr Wells said. “I then proceeded to walk around Nottingham with just my socks on until I could replace them.”

Mr Wells, who also quoted a passage from the Bible, wrote that he was not seeking praise for his actions.

“There is nothing worse than self-praise and I certainly don't want it. What I do want is people to recognise that love is the greatest gift we have been given. It was given to us freely and freely we should give it away,” he said.

His Facebook post has had almost 10,000 likes in five days.