Homeless man donates chance €2 million lotto win to charity

Nicola Byrne
Homeless man donates chance €2 million lotto win to charity

A hungarian homeless man plans to use a chance €2 million lotto win to help the country’s addicts and victims of abuse.

55-year-old László Andraschek was only discovered to be a lotto winner when he made a significant donation to a hostel for the homeless. The former addict had no home or job, but decided to spend his last bit of change on a lotto ticket on his way to a meeting for recovering alcoholics.

Speaking to the Guardian, Andraschek said that he left out one number on his initial selection, only to be asked by shop assistant to add a seventh.

I told her to make it 24, it doesn’t matter, anyway.

He was wrong, with the fast choice winning him 630 million Hungarian forints, one of the biggest lotto windfalls the country has seen.

Andraschek is now using the money wisely, paying off his debts to his family as well as buying homes for his children and a car for them to share. He has also made a large donation to a Hungarian homeless charity and intends to set up a foundation for addicts and abuse victims.

After making sure everyone else is set up, he’s saving a small bit for himself. Having never owned a passport, László will be treating himself and his wife to a holiday to Italy, but assured the Guardian that the win won’t change him.

I have become rich but I have not become a different person.

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