Homeless veteran who gave woman his last £15 is off the streets in time for Christmas

Harriet Pavey
Kate McClure raised £300,000 for Johnny Bobbit Jr: Kate McClure / Gofundme

A homeless veteran who gave a woman his last £15 ($20) when her car ran out of fuel will have a roof over his head in time for Christmas after hundreds of thousands of pounds was raised for him.

Johnny Bobbit Jr, 34, used his remaining cash to buy petrol for Kate McClure when her car stopped on a Philadelphia motorway.

To thank him for his act of kindness, Ms McClure set up a GoFundMe page, which raised £300,000 (£400,000) after going viral.

The former marine veteran announced this week that he has now become a homeowner and that he had been given a "second chance at life."

'It's all happened so fast. I'm just happy I'm getting a second chance at life,' he told BBC Radio on Sunday.

On his GoFundMe page, he wrote he was "deeply humbled and so incredibly grateful" for the public's response.

Ms McClure added: “He will never have to worry about a roof over his head again!”

Johnny had been living on the streets for 18 months (Kate McClure / Gofundme)

Two trusts have been created for Mr Bobbit, one giving him a small “salary” each year and another for his retirement.

He will get access to the account in a “time frame he feels comfortable with” and plans to eventually buy a some land and a cabin in the countryside where he can retire.

“A bank account will be set up for him with funds for everyday needs that will get him through until he finds a job,” said Ms McClure.

“He will be donating to a few organisations and [to] people who over the last couple of years have helped him get through this rough patch in his life.”

Mr Bobbit has also donated some of the money raised for him to help out another homeless veteran who he said is “the perfect candidate to continue this string of kindness”.