Homeless woman files lawsuit against celebs to pitch her TV show

Indo Asian News Service

Los Angeles, March 21 (IANS) People may have tried bizarre tricks to get a break in Hollywood, but this one is a never-heard-before kind. A homeless woman has reportedly filed a lawsuit here against Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes, Armie Hammer and Disney for the purpose of pitching them a TV show.

Jo Anne Vandegriff, who describes herself as homeless, admits the suit is a ploy to get everyone in a room so she can sell her 2,000-page original Civil War romance mini-series "Heaven's Angels", reports tmz.com.

Vandegriff describes her script as "an extraordinary work in its length, complexity and scope, though not yet a masterpiece work".

Vandegriff is targeting Disney because she wants to open up the studio -- which she claims produces lily white content -- to Black and Hispanic females.

She is not apologetic about using the legal system to make a buck, because, as she says in the lawsuit, "a mini-series of this nature only comes along once every 20 to 30 years".

So why sue Halle? Vandegriff wants her in the leading role.

As for Amanda, it would be a great comeback for her. And Armie, he could finally be a leading man.

Vandegriff promises her script will help stimulate the economy and promote "peace and harmony, health and happiness".

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