This Homemade Cookie Hack Involves Putting Butter On Top And We’re Interested

Anna Lewis

From Delish

We’re always on the hunt for tips, tricks and hacks for making our cookies taste more delicious.

So, we were very interested to hear this one from none other than Hailey Bieber.

Hailey, who married everyone’s favourite teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, in 2018, has shared a little trick that she does every time she makes cookies at home, and we’re into it, because it means more butter. And that can only ever be a good thing, surely.

Hailey has revealed that once she’s put the cookie mixture onto a baking tray, she adds a little knob of butter to the top of each mound of dough.

Photo credit: Hailey Bieber

During the latest episode of Hailey and Justin’s new video series on Facebook, The Biebers On Watch, the couple can be seen baking cookies. And it’s during this baking sesh that Hailey reveals her little tip.

“One thing that I like to do with cookies — don't critique me, you people who are bakers — is I like to put butter on top so that the butter bakes into it.”

Having not tried this for ourselves, we can neither confirm nor deny whether adding a little butter on top of your uncooked cookies is a good shout or not. But as a rule, more butter usually means more joy, right?

After the butter goes on, Hailey also adds a sprinkle of salt.

In fairness to Hailey, she shows the cookies later on in the video, and they look hella tasty, so…

Photo credit: Hailey Bieber

“Delicious. Chewy in the middle, crunchy on the edges, just how I like it,” Hailey says.


Here's the full video for your viewing pleasure:

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