Homeowner Fights Off Suspects Trying to Steal Truck in San Antonio

A homeowner fought off two burglary suspects who were attempted to steal his truck in an effort to evade police in San Antonio, Texas, on September 9.

The surveillance video shows Anthony Cardenas fighting one suspect as the other stood by.

Cardenas told Storyful his fiance was woken up by a noise and he went to his downstairs room to investigate. When he looked outside he saw a man standing outside the door of his truck.

“I ran outside, pulled open the door, and we fought from the driver’s side door all the way out the passenger’s side on the floor,” said Cardenas. “The robber got up and they both ran away. I left him bloody and beat up.”

The two burglars were attempting to take the car after they shot at deputies who were investigating possible car burglaries in the area, according to local reports.

The suspects were later arrested by police, according to reports. The two are facing charges of attempted capital murder and burglary. Credit: Anthony Cardenas via Storyful

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