Homeowner Nicknamed ‘Jungleman’ Ordered To Sell House Because Of Overgrown Garden

A homeowner has been ordered to sell his property by the council because of his overgrown garden.

Adrian Woodyatt, 47, was nicknamed the “Jungleman” because he allowed the weeds and bushes of his home in Gloucester to grow more than 15ft high.

In 2012, he was ordered to pay £2,600 by a court but that has failed to resolve the issue.

Forced to keep the garden tidy since then, Gloucester City Council has had enough and ordered him to sell the house so it can recoup the costs of dealing with the case.

The empty property in Nine Elms Road is thought to be worth about £150,000.

A neighbour said: “It has been a problem for ages and it is great news to see it being sold. Hopefully the next owner won’t have a jungle in the back garden.”

Mr Woodyatt owns two properties in the road - he lives in one and still owns the overgrown property at Number 71, which has been empty for a number of years.

Councillors voted to order him to sell the property after a behind-closed-doors meeting of its cabinet last week.

Conservative county councillor Kathy Williams said: “I’m pleased that his action has been taken.

“There are a number of these places in Gloucester where trees and plants are allowed to grow too much and it is a blight on people’s lives.”

A local resident said: “It is a lovely house but it’s been left to go to rack and ruin.”

Mr Woodyatt was unavailable for comment.

In 2012, following the court’s decision, he said: “I am angry and disappointed at these findings - it is a lot of money.

“A lot of my time has been taken up working and looking after my elderly mother who is not well at the moment.”

(Pictures: SWNS)