Homes Destroyed as Wildfire Burns in Southeast Washington

A wildfire burning in southeast Washington has destroyed 10 homes and caused the entire town of Lind to be evacuated, according to a post on the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

This footage uploaded to Facebook by local resident Adam Wier shows flames and smoke from the fire approaching a structure in the area that Wier identifies as “somebody’s shop.”

According to local news reports, the fire is currently burning 2,000 acres. The sheriff’s office instructed all evacuees to relocate to a local school. Credit: Adam Wier via Storyful

Video transcript

ADAM WIER: Well, that's not good in a windstorm. Way too close to my house. I hope the firefighters are being safe. Everybody in Lindt, please be careful. That's hella close to town.

That's somebody's shop right there. The fire is literally-- they're trying to save it. I can-- you can't see the fire trucks in my video, but that's somebody's shop.

- What?

- Let's go!

- OK

ADAM WIER: All right, so I'm freaking out. I made my wife leave with all my animals. This is my front yard. That's a wildfire. You see all that smoke? That's my neighbor's shop.

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