Homes plan for vacant Stoke-on-Trent land earmarked for food store

-Credit: (Image: Stoke Sentinel)
-Credit: (Image: Stoke Sentinel)

Plans have been unveiled to build new homes on a vacant plot of land on a Stoke-on-Trent housing estate that had previously been earmarked for a food store, shops and community facility. The proposed development would see six detached properties constructed on a site off Carsington Drive, near James Brindley Way linking Sandyford with Chell.

The planning application, submitted to the city council on behalf of the applicant City Centre Central Private Hire Ltd, states that each of the proposed new homes would provide four or more bedrooms. The land was once part of the old Clanway Brickworks and forms part of a wider site where hundreds of homes have been developed.

As part of the planning consent for the housing estate, it was agreed that the land would be used for a detached retail base and a parade of four units - three for commercial use and one as a community facility. However, the applicant says "no developer has come forward for that type of development" in more than ten years.

The application states: "The site is clearly part of the wider residential neighbourhood. It lies opposite and adjacent other modern houses. The site however was reserved for non residential development to provide shops and services to the residents of the Clanway Farm new housing area. However, no developer has come forward for that type of development since the houses were started over 10 years ago.

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"It is likely that the detached unit was envisaged to be a food store, the other retail units possibly a newsagent, hot food takeaway, etc. The community use might have been a healthcare facility, community meeting place or perhaps a children’s nursery.

"It is considered that there is no demand for commercial and community units on the site as the wider area already provides such facilities and these are easily accessible by the adjacent residents. In addition, not all of the land within the client’s ownership is proposed for residential development.

"A small plot of land to the east of the proposed houses will remain available for a potential non-residential development. This is of sufficient size to enable the construction of a neighbourhood retail unit, or similar commercial use."

It concludes: "This application proposes a residential development of a site previously identified for a neighbourhood centre to meet the needs of the adjacent modern housing area. In addition, the plans include formalisation and surfacing of the public right of way that crosses the site, to enhance journeys by foot and cycle from the existing housing to the surrounding area.

"In any event the site owners are retaining a plot to the side of the site which could still provide a local commercial unit. The development will not have an adverse effect on biodiversity subject to conditions. No valuable or rare trees will be lost. No unacceptable adverse effects on residential amenity will arise. Sufficient off-street parking will be provided on each plot."

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