Homes for Ukraine: Delays to £350 payment forcing some refugees to ‘leave’ accommodation

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Rend Platings, right, hugs Kristina Korniiuk upon her arrival at her Cambridge home (Jacob King/PA) (PA Wire)
Rend Platings, right, hugs Kristina Korniiuk upon her arrival at her Cambridge home (Jacob King/PA) (PA Wire)

Britons who are housing Ukrainian refugees have reported delays in receiving a £350 “thank you” payment from the UK government which has caused severe issues for host families, a charity has stated.

Such are the delays to the payment from the Government that host families have suffered financial problems and are unable to effectively hosue refugees under the scheme.

“Unfortunately, in some cases, Ukrainian guests have had to leave that accommodation,” Rend Platings from Mums4Ukraine told Sky News.

“We have seen some more serious cases, where hosts have just not been able to make ends meet, have asked Ukrainian guests for money and the relationship has broken down - just due to the pressure of the situation.”

As part of the scheme, host households receive a tax-free payment of £350 a month but a charity has claimed there are issues with the roll out of the money.

“In some places, payments are happening quickly and more efficiently, and others they’re being more delayed,” Ms Platings added.

“It is a postcode lottery. What we need to see happen is a more human side to the way in which we’re dealing with all of this.”

Government figures reveal that around 51,800 Ukrainians have been matched with people offering rooms under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

A Local Government Association spokesperson said: “The priority for councils has been putting in place quickly and at scale both the necessary checks to ensure that hosts and their guests are safe and supported.

“Councils are aware that another key task is to pay hosts the ‘thank you’ payment.

“Now the funding and guidance from government is in place, those hosting new arrivals will be receiving these payments as soon as possible if they haven’t already, including backdated payments.”

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