Honda Monkey arrives with new air-cooled engine for 2022

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Honda’s retro-styled Monkey has been given a new engine as part of a range of updates for the 2022 model-year motorcycle.

Inspired by the classic bike from the 1970s, the Monkey was revived in 2018 with many up-to-date touches but with the same retro looks.

Now, it has been given a new 124cc air-cooled engine producing 9.3bhp and 11Nm of torque. Fitted with a revised catalyser, the new unit is now fully Euro 5 compliant, while a reshaped airbox helps to smooth out the airflow to the engine, promoting torque output in the process.

Honda Monkey
A new paint scheme has been added to the Monkey

The exhaust muffler has been changed from a three-chamber to a one-chamber design to help boost performance and create a more noticeable sound, too.

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A new five-speed gearbox replaces the older four-speed version, with gear ratios spread further apart to help make longer journeys a little more comfortable. The Monkey’s top speed stands at 56mph. It’ll also bring impressively low fuel use, with Honda claiming 188mpg.

The rear shocks now incorporate two-stage springs and revised damper rubbers for a more comfortable ride and better ride quality over poor surfaces. Up front, there’s a single 220mm front disc combined with a 190mm rear.

The new 2022 year Monkey is also available with a tubular rear carrier for the first time. This optional accessory can be used for carrying loads of up to three kilograms. As well as existing red and ‘Banana’ yellow shades, a new ‘Pearl Glittering Blue’ colour has been added to the list of available paint jobs.

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