Honda-riding drug runner caught twice in Leeds peddling heroin and crack cocaine

Richold was selling heroin and crack cocaine to clear drug debts. (pic by WYP / National World)
Richold was selling heroin and crack cocaine to clear drug debts. (pic by WYP / National World)

Christopher Richold was jailed this week after admitting four counts of dealing in Class A drugs. Leeds Crown Court heard that he had been addicted to the drugs himself and got into debt, so was forced to become a dealer.

Prosecutor Sam Roxborough said officers first became suspicious while patrolling in Kirkstall on November 25, 2021 and spotted a black Honda bike. Checks revealed the registration showed it to be a white bike, so suspecting it was on false plates, pulled it over.

Richold tried to ride off but stalled the machine and was quickly apprehended. They found nearly 200 wraps of drugs worth £1,930 in his pockets and a backpack. They also found weighing scales, a crack pipe, £261 in cash and a phone containing sent messages about drugs being available to buy.

Having been bailed, the 38-year-old was seen in the passenger seat of a VW Passat that was spotted pulling up in Bramley on August 25 this year. A woman approached the car, who was passed drugs.

When officers approached, Richold tried to run and throw a bag away. He was arrested and the bag retrieved. It contained more than 150 wraps of crack and heroin worth £1,410. Richold, of Abbeydale Vale, Hawksworth, gave a no-comment interview at the police station and was later remanded into custody.

Appearing in court via video link from HMP Doncaster, his barrister Kara Frith said in mitigation: “He is under no illusions this will result in a significant prison sentence. He is committed to change.

"There have been significant issues with heroin and cocaine. The motivation was to fund his habit and was paid primarily in drugs. The real shame is that in 2021 he got himself clean. He was doing well and paid back his drug debt. But he found accommodation with a user of crack cocaine and temptation got the better of him and he fell back into his old habits.

"He is deeply ashamed that he fell back into drug use and offending. He recognises that drugs have ruined his life."

Judge Mushtaq Khokhar jailed him for four years.