Honduran Firefighters Rescue People Trapped in Tropical Storm Eta Floodwaters

Rescue workers with the National Firefighters of Honduras (Bomberos Honduras) saved several people, including an infant, from flooding due to Tropical Storm Eta in the departments of Yoro and Atlántida on November 4, local reports said.

Eta was downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm on November 3 by the National Hurricane Center (NHC), which said that much of Central America was under warnings for life-threatening flooding. NHC said Eta was expected to downgrade further, to a depression, as it moved into Honduras on Wednesday.

At least three people were killed in the hurricane in Nicaragua and Honduras, according to local media.

Part of a bridge in the Caribbean port city of La Ceiba, Honduras, collapsed amid heavy rain. Credit: Bomberos Honduras via Storyful