Honest schoolgirl, 13, hands in wallet with £1,000 inside which belonged to deaf and blind pensioner, 80

A teenager has been praised for her honesty after she handed in a wallet which had £1,000 cash inside it.

Schoolgirl Caitlin Jeffery, 13, found the wallet lying in the road in Exeter, Devon, and handed it over immediately to a nearby shop owner.

It belonged to 80-year-old Dennis Clatworthy, who is partially deaf and blind, and had lost the money during a shopping trip.

Police launched a social media campaign to find the owner, as there was just the money and an old business card inside.

After five people tried to claim the cash when it was moved to a local police station, it was eventually returned to its rightful owner.

Mr Clatworthy’s son, Mark, was alerted to the appeal by about 20 people – he took his father to the police station where they told officers there was an old business card inside the wallet with his photo on it.

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Caitlin and Mr Clatworthy were brought together in front of the TV cameras on Tuesday on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Mr Clatworthy told her mother, Jo, who also appeared on the show, that she “must be a very proud mother”.

Caitlin Jeffery returned the wallet belonging to Dennis Clatworthy (Picture: Rex)

He said: “For a 13-year-old to have done what she did is brilliant. I know people who would not have handed it in.

“I had a tear in my eye when I got it back. I am so grateful to Caitlin.

“Teenagers get a hard time but I cannot thank her enough.”

His son Mark said the gesture was “incredible” and that Caitlin is “a real credit to her mother and father”.

Caitlin Jeffery (centre), her mother Jo and Dennis Clatworthy (Picture: Rex)

Mr Clatworthy dropped the wallet on his way to the bank after popping into a local butcher’s.

Caitlin said she thought the wallet looked like it belonged to an elderly person.

She said: “I just saw the wallet lying in the road. There was a lot of money in it and just a photo of a man. I was really happy Dennis got it all back.”

Mr Clatworthy gave Caitlin a £50 reward for her honesty.