Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters Near Polytechnic University

Police fired tear gas at protesters on Nathan Road in Hong Kong on November 18 as clashes continued from the previous night.

In a video shared by Antony Dapiran, a writer and photographer, police are seen firing tar gas at an intersection on Nathan Road. In a subsequent video, the protesters on Nathan Road are seen moving through thick clouds of smoke.

Dapiran said the police emerged from the Tsim Sha Tsui police station and fired tear gas as well as rubber bullets at the crowds. He said the protester “front line” was advancing through the gas toward police.

The South China Morning Post reported that the normally serene neighborhood around the Polytechnic University campus had turned into a “war zone.”

The Hong Kong Police Force said protesters threw petrol bombs at police, and they deployed tear gas to disperse the protesters.

Earlier in the day, a bridge linking the university to the nearby Hung Hom station was set alight. The South China Morning Post also said police had fired one live round at a car that was driving at police defensive lines, and an officer was hit by an arrow fired by protesters. Credit: Antony Dapiran via Storyful