Honor unveils the 7C: the most affordable dual camera phone on the market

Amelia Heathman
The Honor 7C will be on sale at the end of April: Honor

Last January, Chinese smartphone maker Honor unveiled the first dual camera smartphone to cost under £250 with the Honor 6X.

Now, the company has smashed this benchmark with the 7C, its new smartphone with a dual camera, which costs £169.99.

Honor, a subsidiary of the smartphone maker Huawei, says the 7C is the most affordable dual camera on the market, with a 13MP and 2MP dual camera lens on the back of the device.

Inside the Honor 7C

The new smartphone looks like the iPhone 7-era of smartphones, with a relatively small bezel around the phone. It has a 5.99 inch screen and full HD+ display.

The Honor 7C boosts 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, which can be expanded to 256GB with an SD card. The phone will be shipped with Android 8.0 as the operating system.

It’s a slim device too, 7.88mm in total, and a 360-degree circular symmetrical metal frame so the device feels good in your hand.

In terms of other camera features, there’s a 3D beautification mode to ensure more natural looking eyes in images as well as a smart soft light with LED on the front-facing camera, to improve selfies taken in dark light.

The Honor 7C comes with a 3D beautification mode for images, facial recognition and a smart LED light for selfies (Honor)

Honor decided to add facial recognition to the Honor 7C, a decision which cost the company €9 million. However, according to tests, Honor says the 7C is the quickest smartphone when it comes to facial unlock.

On the 7C, it takes 0.87 seconds to unlock using facial recognition, compared to 1.58 seconds on the iPhone X.

However, facial recognition will not be available on the device until May.

Honor is showing that it is possible to add high-end features, such as facial unlock, dual cameras and the low LED selfie light, on a low-priced device.

The Honor 7C will go on sale at the end of April at hihonor.com and will cost £169.99

It’s not just about the 7C – meet the Honor 7A

As well as the 7C, Honor is also launching the Honor 7A to replace last year’s 6A smartphone.

Confused with all the numbers and lettering of Honor smartphones? Same.

The 7A will also have facial unlock, but it’s a smaller phone. It has a 5.7inch display, and is 73mm wide to ensure that it is still easy to hold.

It has a simple, slim design with an iPhone 6-esque silver line on the back of the phone.

The Honor 7A will retail at £139.99 (Honor )

It has one camera, 13MP on the back, as well as an 8MP selfie camera with the same LED soft light as the Honor 7C.

Internally, the 7A has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage that can be boosted too. It will launch with Android Oreo.

For a low-range smartphone, the 7A is responsive, not too heavy and comes with a screen protector already fitted on the device. This is good if you’re buying the phone as a starter device and are concerned about smashed screens.

As well, it’s keeping the headphone jack which Android fans will be pleased about.

The Honor 7A will be available for £139.99 and on sale at retailers including 3, Carphone Warehouse and John Lewis, but a release date has not been announced yet.