Hop on the Wild Side: Shelter Kangaroos Take First Steps Towards Freedom

January 14 marked a big day for several kangaroos at Our Haven Wildlife Shelter in Stradbroke, Victoria, as the gate of their pen was opened to allow them get a taste of life in the wild.

This video shows the roos carefully taking their first steps outside.

Theresa Matthews, the sanctuary founder, said five of the animals had been in care for 18 months, and two for several months.

“Released Robbie, Henry, Scruff, Ned, Jacko, Max and Aruma. I hope they have the best life. I’m hoping they hang around for a while so I can see their progress,” she said.

The gate of the pen will be left open, Matthews said, until they no longer feel the need for shelter. Credit: Theresa Matthews via Storyful

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