Hopes dashed leading to bittersweet end for City fans as United win FA Cup

It was a hopeful start for Manchester City fans at the FA Cup final.

Fresh off the back of winning the Premier League last week, hopes were up for the many who ventured out to the City-based pub, The Waldorf, just off Piccadilly Gardens.

“We’re expecting a couple of goals, it’ll be tight though,” John, from Audenshaw, said.

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“Compared to last year it was one goal in it - I think it’ll be the same this year. Around 2-1.”

He wasn’t wrong. Unfortunately for John, and the others, it was United that cinched it, winning 2-1 at Wembley Stadium.

Speaking before kick off on Saturday afternoon, Nick and Simon, who often head to the Waldorf because there’s no trouble, were really looking forward to the game.

“Five nil I think it will be,” said Nick. “It was close last year, but we’re on good form and I think we’ll get a few goals in.”

And father and son, Ian (who travelled all the way from Brecon Beacons) and Nick, were also very confident. “We’re going to smash them!” Nick told the Manchester Evening News.

At kick off, the pub erupted in chanting of “Go on City”. All was quiet, with both sides attempting to hit the target, but sadly for City fans, United got one in at the 30 minute mark.

Despite being a predominantly City-based pub, some United fans were over the moon, cheering and chanting. The Blues supporters were not dismayed, though.

However, just 10 minutes later, Mainoo scored, bringing United up to 2-0. Frustration began to kick in, though fans continued chanting in support.

At half time, even though the score line wasn’t in the Blue’s favour, the hope was still alive, with many fans cheering them on.

Second half began with friendly rivalry from both sides. There were about 20 United fans in the pub, who were chanting throughout the game.

However, once Doku scored for City at the 87th minute, they were drowned out by huge cheers and shouting from the Blues fans.

What followed was a tense ten minutes, including seven minutes of added time, in which fans were hopeful City would pull it back.

But sadly, it was not meant to be. United won the game, and the FA Cup, with 2-1.

Minutes before the final whistle blow, many made their early escape before celebrations began.

United fans were elated, though quickly filed out of the bustling pub. Celebrations continued outside, with those chanting about United boss, Erik Ten Hag.

But sadly for the Blues, it was a bittersweet end.

As Ian, from the Brecon Beacons, left for his train home, he said: "Well then, I think we were a bit optimistic then!"