Horrifying moment two Rottweilers burst into family home in Chelmsley Wood before killing pet cats

CCTV capturing the moment two dogs enter a family home in Chelmsley Wood
CCTV capturing the moment two dogs enter a family home in Chelmsley Wood

Terrifying footage shows the moment two Rottweilers burst into a family home before mauling two cats to death in front of a pet owner’s screaming children.

Paisley Webster, 31, had been returning from the shops with her five kids when the escaped animals ran into her house in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham. The dogs then charged into the kitchen where they attacked one-year-old Oreo and four-year-old Dave on August 30.

Harrowing footage shows the two large dogs entering the home while the door was left open as Paisley prepared to being in her shopping.

CCTV capturing the moment two dogs enter a family home in Chelmsley Wood
CCTV capturing the moment two dogs enter a family home in Chelmsley Wood

A further disturbing clip captured her traumatised children’s screams while Paisley can be heard shouting: “Get off my cat, get off my cat.”

Dave was killed instantly in the attack while Oreo was rushed to a vets with severe injuries where he had to be put down. Paisley said the Rotweillers had attacked and killed another dog on a driveway just five minutes before savaging her beloved cats to death.

Full-time mum Paisley said: “It was just awful. The impact on the children has been horrible. It has broken their hearts.

“They are on a waiting list for counselling. They have been having nightmares. They are distraught. We have two pet Chihuahuas Elsie and Woody. Luckily I had crated them at the time because the dogs were trying to get them too.

“But now when Elsie or Woody bark it acts as a trigger for the kids. When they see a big dog on the way to school, they are scared.

“I don’t blame the dogs as such, some dogs will attack cats, but the owners have showed no remorse or accountability for what happened. And its not the first time this has happened. They have escaped before and the owners need to accept some responsibility.

“The police have done absolutely nothing either. It could have been much worse if my kids had tried to get in their way. They wouldn’t have stood a chance.

“If they get out again who’s to say it won’t be a child next?”

Video footage from a Ring doorbell camera shows ginger cat Dave greeting Paisley as she arrived home from shopping at Asda.

Paisley unlocks the front door and says to Dave: “Hello my beautiful boy, what have you done to your back again? I can’t afford another vet trip Dave.”

But as Paisley’s goes to unload the shopping, both dogs charge into the house through the open door.

Paisley added: “They just came out of nowhere. My 11-year-old has autism and Dave was his cat. He was inside at the time.

“The next thing I know I run into the kitchen and there’s a scene of what I can only describe as absolute carnage. They just started attacking the cats. They dragged Oreo off the kitchen side and pinned him against the fridge. I tried to stop them but they were too big.

“They were trying to get my Chihuahuas through the cage. I won’t even take them for a walk anymore, its just not safe for them.

“We don’t know whether Dave died from internal bleeding or in shock. I was screaming for help my neighbours but by the time she came round the dogs had gone and ran off.

“I messaged the owner on Facebook just to inform them of what happened and the impact it had on my family. I heard nothing back. There was no apology. They’ve not reached out help towards the vet bills or anything.

“If it was me I’d be mortified and remorseful. I’d want to help in some way but those dogs are still there and could get out again.”

West Midlands Police confirmed they were called to reports of two dogs attacking another dog before it later emerged Paisley’s cats had been kiiled.

A force spokesperson said: “We were called to Raglan Way, Chelmsley Wood on 30 August to reports of two dogs attacking another dog.

“The injured dog was taken to the vets to be treated. The owners of the two dogs were spoken to and were taken back home to be secured by the owners.

“We have asked neighbourhood officers to speak to the dog’s owners regarding securing the animal, and will consider any further steps that need to be taken to ensure public safety.”