Hospital gives kids tiny cars to drive themselves to surgery so they're less nervous

David Harding
The idea has been described as the ‘best thing ever’ (Facebook)

A US hospital has come up with a unique way to relieve the stress of surgery for its younger patients –  a car.

The Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California, owns two tiny vehicles, including a small, pink Volkswagen Beetle which young patients can drive into the operating theatre while wearing a hospital gown and surgical cap.

‘Beep beep! Who wouldn’t want to ride into surgery in a cool car? We love having these two cars available for our little surgical patients, helping ease stress and anxiety,’ the hospital posted on Facebook.

It said it bought the Volkswagen and a black Mercedes was donated for the hospital’s ‘little patients’.

One of the young patients in the car before surgery (Facebook)

Pictures online show one youngster, named Caroline, driving a car before surgery.

‘The new pink car was generously donated by one of our employees and her family,’ the hospital explained in a post in March.

The innovative move came to people’s attention after a picture was posted online and it quickly went viral.

‘It’s wonderful to see a smile instead of worry/fear,’ one person commented.

Another described it as ‘wonderful’.

The cars are intended for children aged between two and seven.  

They come with headlights, a horn, a MP3 player and, for safety, a seat belt.

It’s the best thing ever,’ said Kimberly Martinez, a nurse involved in pre-operation preparations at the hospital.

The hospital has two cars which it uses (Facebook)

‘The moment we tell them (about the car) and ask if they would like to ride, their face lights up, their parents are excited. That’s one of the biggest things they remember.’

There were multiple people who also asked the hospital if they were looking to take on more vehicles for their patients to drive as they also had ones to donate.

The hospital is on the lookout for more cars and said anyone had a car to donate should contact them.

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