Our host Thorgy Thor is here to pull off a drag transformation that’s fit for the gods

If there were a Greek goddess of drag, it would be Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor)! On this episode of Dragged, the host transforms Melody into her Greek goddess alter ego.

When asked about why she wants a drag makeover, Melody shares that her reason is close to home. “The inspiration is my friend who is a drag queen herself, Athena,” explains Melody. “Seeing her career, it just really inspired me to do this.”

And the drag look Melody’s imagining for herself? “I definitely want to feel royal, I want to feel like a Greek goddess,” she says. “I wanna feel confident. I wanna express my alter ego.” Can Thorgy pull it off? Let’s see!

The first stop on Melody’s drag makeover odyssey is wardrobe with stylist Blue (@sheisblue_). Thorgy explains that Melody is looking to become her Greek goddess alter ego, and Blue has the perfect outfit. “You say drag goddess, I think statuesque,” says Blue as she reaches for a long, flowing teal dress covered with sparkling stones.

“This is gorgeous,” says Thorgy with sheer approval.

In the makeup chair with goddess of glam, Elle (@the.elle.lc), Melody is getting a look fit for the gods. She’s contoured to the heavens and Elle has given her a bold brow. “Don’t be scared of a strong brow,” advises the makeup artist. “It’s drag. Go bigger, go bold, go crazy.”

At the big reveal, Melody steps out as Aphrodite, the drag Greek goddess she’s always dreamed of being. Her final look is complete with a braided high ponytail and face jewels to match the sparkles on her Grecian-inspired teal dress.

“I feel amazing, powerful and stunning,” says Melody of her drag transformation. “It just feels like another new me coming out.”

“That ‘me’ was always inside you,” notes Thorgy.

“You are amazing, you are sexy, you are powerful,” gushes the host. “Aphrodite, you have been Dragged, baby!”

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