Hot fizz: World’s first hot carbonated drink to go on sale

"An intensely spicy, cinnamon and apple-flavored drink"

An innovative new product produced by Coca-Cola in Japan will be the first carbonated drink to be served hot.

The new, self-heating product is called Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale and, though some of us may balk at the idea of a hot fizzy beverage, the producers say the result is “an intensely spicy, cinnamon and apple-flavored drink”.

Five years of research have gone into the technology behind successfully containing heat and bubbles in a can.

The drink will be sold for Y130 (76p) from October in vending machines across Japan. Tea, coffee and soup products are already popular, served in clever self-heating cans dispensed by vending machines.

Widespread commercial success is already anticipated for the new product, with competitor companies already announcing rival hot fizzy products.

In November, Kirin Beverage Co. will launch Kirin No Awa: Hot Hojun Apple & Hop, a low-carbonation soda suitable for consumption at warm temperatures.

Japan is at the forefront of vending machine technology, with machines stocking everything from crab meat and eggs to fried chicken and balloons.