Hot weather sleeping hack could make hay fever worse and add £72 to energy bills

Woman is using eye mask in bed while electric fan is blowing on the foreground
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A popular hot weather sleeping hack could end up making your hay fever symptoms much worse, Brits have been warned. Many of us turn to a whole range of different ideas to stay cool when there's a heatwave but they won't all be suitable for everyone to try.

Among the tips and tricks are electric fans, which sleep scientists say are the most sensible option for anyone struggling to get a decent night's sleep in a hot spell. And for some people, using a fan isn't just a summer tradition.

Many people sleep with a fan all year round to benefit from the 'white noise' of the humming and whirring, which can induce sleep by helping your brain focus less on sudden and disruptive noises, while others claim they can only nod off if their room is cold.


But there are downsides. Energy experts at Bionic say fans can make hay fever symptoms much worse. This is because they circulate dust, pollen, and other allergens around the room, which could trigger allergic reactions or asthma attacks. The dryness as a result of using a fan can also irritate your nasal passages, leading to congestion, stuffiness and difficulty breathing.

While fans can help you cool down, they don't reduce the temperature. The breeze from a fan simply speeds up the cooling process by sweeping away the water vapour that's just gone into the air from the sweat on your skin and then distributes it throughout the room so you feel less clammy.

They can also prove costly. Using a fan every night could cost you up to £6 extra a month in energy bills, based on a 100W fan being used for 8 hours a night. That's £72 a year and while some may see this as money well spent to keep cool, if you're using a fan but aren't actively benefiting from the airflow to your skin because you are under a duvet, you're essentially wasting energy and money.

What you can do instead of using a fan

Use a white noise app

There are lots of white noise apps to download to your devices, and plenty are free to use. This could be a better option than using a fan that's directly plugged in and constantly draining energy. Installing an app on your device means that it will be readily available when you travel too. Plus, there's the added benefit of the choice of many different white noise sounds that you can try out.

Open windows

If you need your bedroom to be cold so you can sleep, or you like to feel a breeze during the night, try opening your bedroom windows. This could alleviate the uncomfortable feeling of warmer temperatures in the night without compromising your energy bills.

Invest in blackout curtains/blinds

Blackout curtains and blinds will also reduce the temperature of your room. If your windows are sun-facing in the afternoon, draw your curtains and blinds to prevent the sun from heating up your room.

Change to lighter bedding

Switching to a lower tog duvet and lower thread-count sheets can also reduce the feeling of overheating throughout the night.

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