Hotel guest 'woke to find drunk man was given key and got in his bed'

The Hunton Park Hotel <i>(Image: Hunton Park Hotel/Countrywide Hotels)</i>
The Hunton Park Hotel (Image: Hunton Park Hotel/Countrywide Hotels)

A drunk man blagged his way into a luxury hotel room and snuck into another man's bed before vomiting.

During the early hours of yesterday morning (March 17), a man was sleeping at the Hunton Park Hotel in Essex Road, near Leavesden, when the chancer was reportedly given a key to his room.

“I put my arm around him. As I’d just woken up I thought it was my partner, but it wasn’t.” the 25-year-old said, adding that it was at around 3.50am.

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“I woke them up. I saw he was quite drunk and he proceeded to vomit in my toilet.

"I started chasing him through the hotel and then he ran out of the hotel and I said, ‘what is going on’.”

The guest had thought he might enjoy a solo break while work was underway at his home, meaning he had to stay somewhere else, but he ended up feeling “violated” and unable to sleep since.

He also claims that hotel staff reviewed CCTV to find out how the man got in and realised he had simply said a room number and been given a key at around 3.30am.

“Surely they should at least ask for a name for the room, they didn’t even ask that,” the school manager added.

He says he was “mortified” by the “absolutely disgusting” experience and shocked that all he was offered was an apology and a refund for the room.

A spokesperson for Countywide Hotels, which has managed the Hunton Park Hotel since last year, said: “We can confirm we are aware of an alleged incident that took place at our hotel recently.

“We are in contact with the guest who reported the incident and we are conducting an investigation at present.

“We are also in contact with the local authorities. Therefore, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary confirmed a call was made to report the incident but the caller was told it was not a police matter and would instead be something for the hotel to deal with itself.