'Hotel Hedging' Is The Trick That Could Save You Money On Travel In 2023

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As a new year rolls in, many of us will be beginning to make plans to escape the UK for a much-needed break in the sunshine

However, the cost of flights and accommodation can add up quickly, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to save.

Fortunately, one travel expert has taken to TikTok to share how ‘hotel hedging’ could save us a packet on accommodation abroad next year.

Alexis Gould’s method involves booking hotel rooms in advance of a trip, but ensuring that they’re cancelable and that you can get a refund on them.

The TikToker frequently shares ‘secrets’ and tips to bag free upgrades and save money on travel.

She shared in a video, which has amassed almost 1.8k likes since posting: “Hedging is a hack that hotels don’t want you to know about, which is why it’s my biggest secret yet.

“Let’s break it down – you’re going to make a regular advanced reservation when you book your trip. Now, the most important thing to do here is make sure it’s cancelable and refundable within 24 hours of check in.”

You do this to ensure that you have somewhere to stay, should your hotel hedging not work out, Gould explains.

As your trip grows closer, take a look around for cheaper last minute deals – Gould describes how many hotels are only at 60% occupancy most nights, so will sell off the remaining 40% of rooms at a highly reduced rate to fill them up.

“If you put the proper plans in place, you can take advantage of this,” she says.

Here’s her step-by-step guide for hotel hedging:

  1. Book a refundable hotel room

  2. One to two weeks before trip look into last minute hotel deals

  3. Find same hotel or better at a lower price and book

  4. Cancel your original room, get a refund and save money

One hotel worker commented on Gould’s video: “As someone who worked in hotels 16 years, that’s one of the smarter suggestions I’ve seen.”