Hour-by-hour forecast as south London faces coldest night of the year with snow

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Hour-by-hour forecast as south London faces coldest night of the year with snow <i>(Image: Donna Joyce)</i>
Hour-by-hour forecast as south London faces coldest night of the year with snow (Image: Donna Joyce)

Tuesday night was the coldest night of the year so far, the Met Office has said.

Night-time sub-zero climes are predicted in all four UK nations until at least Friday.

Following a “very chilly” start to Wednesday, the Met Office has issued several yellow weather warnings for snow and ice which may lead to injuries from slips and falls and cause travel disruption.

The warnings for Wednesday cover northern and eastern Scotland until 10am, and Northern Ireland and southern England until 9am.

Forecasters have said in most places the snowfall will continue until Friday, with a yellow warning for snow covering all of the UK north of Birmingham spanning from 3am on Thursday until 6pm on Friday.

A yellow warning for snow and ice also covers London and the south from midnight on Wednesday until 9am on Thursday.

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for today

11am – Light rain 2°C

12pm – Light rain 3°C

1pm – Heavy rain 3°C

2pm- Light rain 3°C

3pm – Light rain 3°C

4pm – Heavy rain 3°C

5pm – Heavy rain 3°C

6pm – Heavy rain 2°C

7pm – Heavy rain 2°C

8pm – Light rain 2°C

9pm – Light rain 2°C

10pm – Light rain 2°C

11pm – Light rain 2°C

Here is the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow

8am – Light rain 3°C

9am – Light rain 4°C

10am – Heavy rain 4°C

11am – Heavy rain 5°C

12pm – Heavy rain 6°C

1pm – Heavy rain 6°C

2pm- Heavy rain 7°C

3pm – Heavy rain 8°C

4pm – Light rain 8°C

5pm – Heavy rain 8°C

6pm – Heavy rain 8°C

7pm – Heavy rain 8°C

8pm – Heavy rain 8°C

9pm – Heavy rain 8°C

10pm – Heavy rain 8°C

11pm – Light rain 8°C

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Cold and cloudy, with a band of snow, falling as rain along southern coasts, clearing eastwards through the morning. Further rain moves in from the west through the afternoon, turning to snow away from southern counties during the evening. Maximum temperature 4 °C.


Band of snow, sleet and rain erratically clears eastwards overnight, leaving the odd snow shower and a risk of frost and ice. Light winds, with showers easing off by morning. Minimum temperature 1 °C.

Thursday: Cold and cloudy but a mostly dry start. A band of rain moves across the region from mid-morning onwards, with a few breaks at times. Maximum temperature 6 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday

Snow and strong winds probable at times on Friday. Saturday quieter and more settled at first, before further rain and snow possible heading into Sunday.