Hour-by-hour weather forecast as Teesside to be hotter than Barcelona on Sunday

Teesside is set to be hotter than Barcelona on Sunday as temperatures rise.

It is set to reach 22°C in Middlesbrough on Sunday afternoon despite some cloudiness. Sun worshippers will be happy to know the temperature in Barcelona is expected to be one degree lower.

According to The Met Office it will be sunny, clouding over through the afternoon in Middlesbrough. The forecast reads: "Any early morning mist or fog patches will soon clear, leaving long sunny periods through the morning and into the afternoon. Cloudier conditions will spread southwards during the afternoon. Maximum temperature 22 °C."

The sun is expected to set at 9.31pm with wind gusts to reach 22 mph this evening. Here’s the temperatures you can expect on Teesside on Sunday:

  • 11am - 16°C feels like 16°C

  • 12pm - 18°C but feels like 17°C

  • 1pm - 19 °C but feels like 18°C

  • 2pm - 20°C but feels like 19°C

  • 3pm - 21°C but feels like 20°C

  • 4pm - 22°C but feels like 20°C

  • 5pm - 22°C but feels like 20°C

  • 6pm - 21°C but feels like 19°C

  • 7pm - 20°C but feels like 18°C

  • 8pm - 19°C but feels like 17°C

  • 9pm - 18°C but feels like 16°C

  • 10pm - 17°C but feels like 15°C

  • 11pm - 16°C but feels like 15°C

And the high temperatures are set to continue, with temperatures of up to 21 °C on Monday. Despite a cloudy start and patches of rain it is expected to be sunny throughout the afternoon.

The forecast for Monday reads: "A cloudy start on Monday, with isolated patchy light rain mainly across coastal areas and western hills. Drier into the evening with sunny periods spreading southwards. Maximum temperature 21 °C."