John Bercow And Labour MP Paul Farrelly Accused Of Bullying Staff, BBC’s Newsnight Reports

Paul Waugh
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    I know all about bullying at work as I had to leave my workplace because of it, but that was due to a psycho FEMALE supervisor. It is horrible, very hard to prove, and management tend to brush it under the carpet. I entirely sympathise, as bullies are also consummate liars and they usually get away with it.
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    It wouldn't surprise me with Burcow, he suffers from small man syndrome
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    Little Plum
    Is his Mrs still fuqqing anything with a pulse ?
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    To balance out an article that conveniently only tells half the story.
    The BBC news also outed Mark Pritchard, the Tory MP for the Wrekin.
    So for the benefit of truthful and unbiased reporting, here is what the BBC reported about him -
    Mark Pritchard, the Tory MP for the Wrekin, is notorious for shouting at and berating clerks. Many we spoke to rolled their eyes at the mention of his name.
    The bulk of the outbursts we have heard about follow something of a pattern. A clerk will stand up to him, he will fly into a rage, and sometimes complain to their management.
    The circumstances of a committee trip to California in 2007 are particularly notorious. One witness told us about how he berated a female member of staff." He wasn't happy with the hotel choice, he wanted to stay elsewhere. He exploded, yelled at her…"
    Another witness explained: "Pritchard wanted a hotel on Santa Monica beach for the California trip, but the Foreign Office wanted him to stay in downtown LA so travel wasn't involved. He threw his papers about and said something like 'you f. ing useless women'".
    When they finally went on that trip, a witness told us that Mr Pritchard told one official: "You stupid young woman, you haven't got a f. ing clue what you're talking about. Who the f k do you think you are?"
    We have been told that Mr Pritchard has also sought to approach clerks' managers to attempt to overturn their decisions and angrily boasted to clerks that their careers were over.
    Mr Pritchard himself told us: "I understand, over the past several years the House authorities have addressed numerous complaints about MPs, but they have also informed me they have no record of any complaints against me, and if they had, I would have been notified."
    But that brings us back to the core of the issue: staff members are loath to formally complain about any MP.
    Managers at the House of Commons would note that, since 2011, there has been a formal process for dealing with complaints by staff against MPs - the so-called "Respect" policy.
    But it has faced one stern test - and it came out badly.
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    why doesn't anyone just say to him "what are you going to do about it?" and watch him shrivel. worms like him always do.
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    Bercow has little man syndrome...
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    MPs bullying women, sound right that, probably wimps when it comes to dealing with real men, somebody who would put their lights out if they tried it, so they pick on women instead, brave eh, real men I lol
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    Normal Wisdom
    Bercow is both a bully and a pompous pratt!
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    Don't Suprise Me One Tiny Bit, You Only Have To Hear The Way He Talks To MP's In Parliament, Can't Imagine how He Talks To People With No Cameras.
    He Is A Nasty Little Man, With A Childhood Bullying Problem Trying To Make Ammends. No If's Or But's He Should Be Fired And Prosecuted. Waste Of Air.
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    V for Vendetta
    Bullying being asked to do your job but wanting to head off to the races etc yes I suppose some might see that as bullying....