These ‘House of the Dragon’ baby names are still super popular


From Bridgerton to A Court of Thorns and Roses, fantasy books, TV shows and movies are having such a moment right now. And in addition to rabidly consuming as much of this content as we can get our hands on, we’re also all kind of obsessed with naming our kids after our favorite characters from our fandoms. Baby names inspired by fantasy series are seeing a giant boom in popularity over the last few years. And we’re super here for it.

House of the Dragon, HBO’s super popular prequel series set a few hundred years before Game of Thrones, just started its second season.

House of the Dragon follows House Targaryen, well before the events of Game of Thrones. In the series, the Targaryens are ruling from the Iron Throne—but as you know if you’re a fan of the show, very few good things last, and heartbreak (and plenty of bloodshed) tend to be lurking around the corner for anyone with even a little bit of power.

While there was a bit of a wait between the first and second seasons, that hasn’t cooled fans’ interest in the show a bit—people are tuning in and still pretty obsessed with this world. And that means baby names inspired by House of the Dragon are still very popular. I mean, the first episode of Season 1 got 10 million viewers!

If you have young kids right now, you can definitely expect to hear some of these popping up at the playground in the next few years. Here are some baby names to consider from House of the Dragon.

Boys’ names:

  • Jason

  • Otto

  • Daemon

  • Joffrey

  • Criston

  • Steffon

  • Kelvyn

  • Lyonel

  • Viserys

  • Howland

  • Lyman

  • Samwell

  • Boremund

  • Rickon

  • Vaemond

  • Randyll

  • Corlys

  • Harrold

Girls’ names:

  • Rhaenyra

  • Talya

  • Laena

  • Aemma

  • Mysaria

  • Larys

  • Laenor

  • Rhaenys

Unisex names:

  • Alicent

  • Harwin

  • Mellos