House Explosion in Toledo, Ohio, Captured on CCTV

The explosion of a vacant house in Toledo, Ohio, was captured on a security camera on the evening of Monday, December 27. Fire officials suspected the blast was caused by a gas leak, local media said.

The Toledo Fire and Rescue Department (TFRD), which released the footage, said its crews responded to the scene at Eldred Avenue and Western Avenue, close to Highland Park.

One person sustained minor injuries, the fire department said.

Fire officials said the injured person was in the home next to the house that exploded, and that the injury was caused by the force of the blast, the Toledo Blade reported.

Interim fire chief John Kaminski told NBC24 that the first crews on the scene reported a “strong smell of gas,” but he added that an “arson investigator” would also be examining the site. Credit: Toledo Fire & Rescue Dept via Storyful

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