Housebound elderly woman raises over £400 from 'beautiful' embroidery

‘Talented’ elderly woman raises over £400 from embroidery <i>(Image: Bluebird Care/ Jade Madigan)</i>
‘Talented’ elderly woman raises over £400 from embroidery (Image: Bluebird Care/ Jade Madigan)

A TALENTED and housebound 84-year-old woman has raised over £400 from selling her embroidery.

Edna Chainey, from Ferndown, has been perfecting her embroidery skills for over 60 years and found herself surrounded with ‘more designs than she knew what to do with’.

With restricted mobility, she spends her time sewing and colouring.

Bournemouth Echo: Edna and Jade
Bournemouth Echo: Edna and Jade

Jade Madigan, Edna’s carer from Bluebird Care Ferndown, began displaying her designs in the company office but struggled to sell them.

However, since posting Edna’s creations on Facebook community groups, locals have been rushing to buy her designs.

Since September, Jade has sold over 50 designs and raised over £400, with all proceeds going to Edna.

She has been flooded with positive reviews, with customers saying the embroidery is ‘beautiful’ and ‘looks even better than the pictures’.

Bournemouth Echo:
Bournemouth Echo:

Two girls, Mia and Ginnie, even wrote a thank you card to give to Edna, saying: “We really like your sewing, it is very pretty, thank you very much!”

Customers have transformed Edna’s designs into cushions, bags and displayed them in photo frames.

“I do different things, like flowers, baskets, put them on bags, butterfly embroidery, butterflies, birds,” said Edna.

“My hand can spread a needle at the moment and do what the pattern tells me to do.”

Bournemouth Echo:
Bournemouth Echo:

Edna has also been proudly creating Christmas designs: “I’ve done snowmen, little stars and a ‘Merry Christmas’, and have gold glitter to add.”

Jade said she delivers the embroidery to people’s houses, with some collecting them from her.

Bournemouth Echo:
Bournemouth Echo:

“Andy, who is her care supervisor, orders them for her as she’s in all day and likes to keep busy,” said Jade.

“Our customers are so important to us, we have other clients that do similar things.”

Bluebird Care covers nine locations across Dorset and focuses on valuing each person's unique qualities and treating them as an individual.

After being a carer herself for 25 years, Edna said how much she appreciates Jade and Andy helping her.

She added that she plans to use her well-earned money to go out shopping with Jade.