Houses are sinking as seawater creeps into a fishing village in South India

A village in coastal south India is suffering from severe tidal flooding as lack of a sea wall is causing seawater to submerge local houses. Azhikal village in Kerala is a fishing hamlet that is located in the foot of Arabian Sea, consisting of 612 houses. Footage from June 30 shows seawater reaching over thresholds into houses, while villagers have stacked sandbags to try and protect their homes. Villagers claim construction of a nearby harbour has caused an increase in tidal strength leading to the rising waters. One villager commented: "If this continues then the village won't exist on the Indian Map itself." The rough seas are reportedly most turbulent during June and July, meaning this has become a frequent weather event, and local people have unsuccessfully campaigned for their government to build a seawall to protect their homes.

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